boutique vertThe Black Canyon Quilt Show annually operates a Boutique, open to the public, which features donated, hand made needlework items. All proceeds from the Boutique sales go directly to a Montrose 501c-3 charitable organization.

Past recipients of Boutique funds have been:

  • 2007 Dolphin House
  • 2008 House of Promise
  • 2009 Hospice and Palliative Care
  • 2010 Christ’s Kitchen
  • 2011 Samaritan Aviation
  • 2012 Haven House
  • 2013 San Juan Cancer Center
  • 2014 Montrose Regional Library Permanent Book Fund
  • 2015 Passage Charter School
  • 2016 Sharing Ministries Food Band
  • 2017 Region 10

The recipient chosen for the 2018 show is Kid's Aid. Established in Montrose in 2009, Kid's Aid is a 501C3 ministry of Common Ground Montrose.  Working directly with Montrose/Olathe pre-schools through high schools, an all-volunteer staff stuff grocery bags to be sent home  with children in need on Fridays to provide food for the child over the weekend.  Food is also provided over school breaks and closures.  As of January 2018, approximately 250 children benefit from Kid's Aid weekly efforts.

Volunteers are welcome to help stuff bags or sponsor a child for a year. Since the staff is comprised of volunteers, 100% of all food or financial donations go straight to providing food for the children. Additional information is available on the web page listed below or by contacting them at the following phone number.

phone:  (970) 209-1155

web page:  Kid's Aid Montrose



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